About Us

 With our many years of experience in multiple business facets, we are the obvious solution to go with.
Your business has never been in better hands.


Our Features

Set up by a group of experienced and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Before the paradigm shift of the information system era in the 80s and 90s, sourcing of products and especially hard-to-find products was a daunting task. However, we see it as an opportunity and had successfully
sourced for countless products. With years of experience and strong business relationships with suppliers, we are able to trade niche global products to serve the local demand for equipment and hardware.

In a time of great social upheaval and change, the motivation of our company was, and has always been, to work in areas where Personal Computers, Branding Services, Office Equipment and Information
Technology can make a positive & empowering difference to the quality of people’s lives. For that reason, we have had an emphasis towards supplying turnkey PC-based IT solutions to NGO’s,
Small/Medium-sized businesses and professionals.

We have always believed that customers need an integrated and appropriate solution, not just isolated technological appliances, or technology for the sake of the latest trend or fashion.

Whatever is supplied must be appropriate to the customer’s needs and environment. It was therefore inevitable that our endeavours grew into a plethora of services including Local Area Networking, Support Services, Internet Services as well as Training and Consulting.

Kingdom Manna is a wholly owned South African company .This enables us to offer our customers faster connectivity, supplying of equipment and improves the end user communication experience resulting in higher productivity. Founded by a man of great visionary with a combined experience of more than 30 years in the IT Industry, whose vision is to deliver excellence in telecommunication solutions to our customers through partnerships with vendors and developers of unique telecommunication technologies.

Our Mission

• To combine strategic marketing and service excellence with quality products at competitive prices.
• To provide the best value to our customers.
• To create employment to younger generation.
• To serve each customer to the best of our ability is of extreme importance and we strive to build lasting, highly beneficial and reliable business relationships.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve our goals through strategic marketing and close collaboration strategy. Our aim is to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, to maintain excellent service and the continued improvement thereof.

Our Team

Kingdom Manna is run by dynamic, mature and forward-thinking management personnel supported by
highly skilled and trained sales and marketing teams with many years of specialized and complementary talents and abilities.

Our team fully understands the market and consumer needs after many years of experience, and in understanding these needs, is adept at working with partners and clients.

Our Values & Beliefs

Kingdom Manna strongly subscribes to the truth that nothing is ultimately gained by dishonesty, misrepresentation or artfulness. We believe that a company’s reputation is its most valuable commendation. We recognize the innate worth of people and their right to equal opportunities, dignity and fair treatment.


We strive to always improve. We live by the notion that if you’re not getting better, you’re falling behind. We teach and encourage our team to improve performance and efficiency in order to add value beyond what is expected. We always base team rewards on results and promotion on ability.


Where there is gratitude, there is courtesy; there is a concern for the happiness and well-being of others.


We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything we do. We are committed to delivering superior value to our clients.


We will always do what is right and our business is based on honesty. We adhere to the highest ethical
standards and pledge to be transparent, just and consistent in word and deed.

We have an extensive range of quality products that provides

connectivity teamed with our team centric support structure to deliver a holistic solution to our customer. By placing great value on customer satisfaction we ensure that the clients’ telecommunication, IT services, branding needs are assessed and a solution is then developed specifically based on these needs. We offer end-to-end turnkey solutions including telecommunications and networking. We pride ourselves in delivering excellence to commercial clients.